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06:52 | 29.8.2013
Подано под: ??????

 How do i can i convice my GF to lose weight


I love her to death, she's the sweetest, most loving and most beautiful girl I've ever known. That being said her weight concerns me. We've been dating for 2.5 years( both of us are 18) and everyday I make sure to kiss her and tell her I love her. She used to be thin, but she never worked out or ate healthy( mainly dougnuts, pizza, and burgers) her metabolism was that good. Those years of sitting on the couch watching tv and eating have caught up to her and it concerns me. It hasn't been like a 10 pound gain or anything small, she's gone from like 110 to I'd say around 210215. Every few weeks we'll be at the mall buying her new and bigger shirts and jeans because the old ones " shrank in the wash", won't fasten or button" or are "getting pretty tight". Sometimes she'll come over and eat entire bags of chips or Oreos I'm a pretty healthy guy and I honestly love running outside. I invite her but she declines and is content on the couch.


Sometimes she can be disgusting and sit on the couch and belch and fart. Her breakfast at school is a pair of chocolate doughnuts. All she eats is fast food and whenever we go out, she orders unhealthy entrees and we have to order appetizers and desserts every time otherwise she won't be full. It's not some superficial" I don't want to date you because you're big" thing, I want to stay with her and help her. How do I talk to her because it's probably a sensitive topic? Maybe she likes who she is. I hate watching her struggle because of the weight with walking to class, sitting in desks, and wearing the school uniform. I wish I could talk to her parents but they're overweight as well. Her mom( real nice lady) keeps my girl on a solid diet of deep fried Southern food( moved from Miss. to Chicago) that is only making her bigger, fatter, and more lethargic. At one dinner I watched her eat a solid pound or so of both mac n cheese and fried okra before eating fried chicken and cake. That night she fell asleep in my arms from a food coma. Needless to say we went clothes shopping.


I agree with Korrie that the motivation has to come from within. I have been both sides of this as I used to be very big and my husband used to be very big and didn't address his weight problems when I addressed mine.


What I can say is that it would http://www.timberlandboots-canada.net/new-arrival-timberland-snow-boots-best-timberland-boots-canada probably do her no harm for her cheap timberland boots to stop being as influenced by her parents' poor eating habits so things may improve when she leaves home. Especially if she were to move in with someone with better eating habits. There is nothing like comparative poverty and only healthy food in the house for making us eat healthy food.


Also she could be encouraged to be more active (without doing something drastic like running or going to a gym) if for instance you took her dancing.


Maybe instead of going to a restaurant (fast food or otherwise) on a date you could go for a picnic. If you packed a picnic basket you could put in heaps of really filling food that was healthy. If you combined it with a walk in lovely surroundings (even at a slow pace) it would still be a form of exercise and a million times healthier than sitting on the couch.


On the occasions when you eat out in a restaurant you will always have the option to say that you do not want a starter or dessert and for that matter choose a healthy option. This could be despite the fact that you enjoy running and may not feel that you have a problem of your own. You always have the freedom to set a positive example. She may not initially follow your example but may do so in time.


There may be ways that you could encourage her into making lifestyle changes which would lead in a hidden way towards weight loss without it ever being a perceived aim.


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